Dried grapes

Sun dried raisins: These are sun-dried Thompson Seedless grapes. They account for almost all Qazvin raisins. The grapes naturally develop a dark brown color as they dry in the sun, a process that takes from two to three weeks.

Sultanas: These raisins, from the large, yellow-green Sultana grapes, are particularly tart and soft. They can be produced in province of Qazvin. Sultana raisins have a unique taste and is used widely in bread-industry, cake and pastry-bakeries, cereal producers, and the dairy-industry.

Golden Seedless raisins: Like natural seedless raisins, these are also from Thompson Seedless grapes, but are oven-dried to avoid the darkening effect of sunlight. They are also treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve their light color.

Malayer raisins: Malayer is located in the northwest of Iran, in Hamadan province, with its great climate, suitable for growing varieties of grapes, the city of Malayer has the best and the most vineyards in the country. This raisins type is 100% local and unique.

Kashmari raisins (long raisins): This name is taken from the Kashmar city where the raisins are produced so this is 100% local and unique in the world. This kind is famous for its special sweet and sour taste and its long shape. This type is popular for those who dislike the extreme sweet flavor of other raisins types.