RKP is one of the companies that reputation in the Producing and Packaging of Iranian Raisins, in Takestan, one of the most important centers for the production of grapes and raisins in Iran, after decades of experience in grapes agriculture and producing raisins, in 2010 with Capacity of 20 tons per daily registered with the aim of introduction quality of Iranian grapes and raisins to all over the world.
Targeted and effective planning determination to produce quality, customer satisfaction, access to international markets, equipped of modern and update machinery such as; Laser Sorters, X-Ray Scanner, Camera Sorters, Metal Detector and Full Automatic Packaging, are the strategy of the RKP.

RKP source their material directly from growers that they have worked with over many years. As part of our quality procedures, the factory has full control of the product from field to final delivery, within which they carry out physical, chemical and microbiological analyses at all of the required stages of the process. Our technical team is fully trained and updated in food processing procedures and controls as well as current legislative requirements. For the RKP, quality and food safety are an integral part of each individual process step.
RKP is committed to providing superior quality food ingredients that is safe and meets the expectations of international standards and regulations. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all that produce and supply. We manufacture as per legal regulations, food safety conditions, customers’ requirements and market necessities.

The mainly aim of our food safety policy is to determine, evaluate and to control the probable hazards concerning our production.
RKP certified in accordance with strict internationally acknowledged standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, HALAL, Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and Prophylactic risk control (HACCP) are a part of our daily routine.
We Produce by the HIGH and LATEST Technology and Certifie